About Us


About Us

Hot Spas Europe is an exclusive distributor for the leading manufacturer of structured water technologies from USA.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the market leader in innovation, development and manufacturing of creative and natural solutions to current water quality concerns, including purification and activation that will bring the vibration of energy and life back to water.

Science of Structured Water

Quantum physics now scientifically supports what ancient people have always stated about the indivisibility of Nature, that our material bodies, our mental, emotional and spiritual experiences, our planet and our universe form a seamless holograph of energy.

Our most basic requirement, water, can provide us with increased levels of vital energy when its molecules are reconfigured to their original state in Nature. In that state water produces bio-photons, microscopic "bit waves" of light energy. Heelix Water Activator is dedicated to increasing the availability of energy rich, life-infused, coherent water.

By applying our proprietary Vortex Flow and Electromagnetic Frequency Transfer, the Heelix Water Activator safely and efficiently realigns the molecular structure of water, making “hard” water softer, more permeable, and dissolvable.

The resulting energized water maximizes the productivity of water, reduces water use and energy costs, and decreases salinity and scaling.

The Heelix Water Activator’s expanding line of products includes the mineral wrap, which has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of water resources, which typically are affected by toxins and other chemicals.

Many Uses

Our products are being used by Homeowners, Farmers, in Agricultural, Industrial and Environmental applications, and for enhanced Health.