Agriculture Benefits

The Heelix Water Activator  restructures the water molecules into very small water molecule clusters, each made up of six symmetrically organized molecules. This hexagonal cluster is recognized by the cell as "bio-friendly" due to its hexagonal structure and inability to transport toxins, and easily enters the passageways in plant and animal cell membranes. The result provides maximum, healthy hydration with less water.

Structured water further breaks down minerals into smaller particles making them more bio-available to the plant cells. The bottom line results are dramatic: maximum hydration of healthy water with greater uptake of minerals results in greater yields, larger and better end product, earlier maturation, longer shelf life, and healthier plants. It allows a reduction of amount of water needed, fertilizers and pesticides.

Since our unit breaks all minerals into smaller particles, salt in the soil is broken down by the structured water, causing it to sink deep into the soil, away from plant roots, and wash away. The desalinization happens quickly over a season, creating much healthier plants, greater yields, and better final product.

Since the hexagonal water molecule cluster won't allow the bonding of minerals to it, our structured water removes scaling from pipes and won't allow new scaling to take effect.

Some of its many agricultural benefits:


• Increase yields 10%-30%
• Increase water absorption in soil
• Increase bio-availability of water and nutrients to plants
• Increase oxygen concentration
• Improve soil pH
• Increase flow
• Increase weight and size of product
• Increase shelf life of produce
• Increase seed germination


• Reduce water use up to 30%
• Remove salinity in soil within first year
• Prevent and remove scaling
• Reduce total dissolved solids (TDS)
• Reduce fertilizer and pesticide needs
• Reduce disease in livestock and animal breeding
• Reduce disease in aquaculture industry
• Reduce electrical bills
• Reduce energy and wear on pumps that move the water

  • Odor is eliminated and stench decreases sharply.
  • Drainage processing costs are controlled.
  • Livestock meat quality improves (1-2 class rise for pigs).
  • Antibiotic usage on animals sharply decreases.
  • There is a sharp decrease in livestock deaths. For example, average pig death rate of 8-13% decreased to 3-5%.
  • Livestock yard and hot-house environments are more effectively sanitized.
  • Freshness is enhanced because the water retention of the plant is increased.
  • The Heelix water improves the quality and quantity of harvest. For example, eggplant yield increased nearly 18% per hectare.
  • Streptococcus in fish is eliminated after 10-20 days of use.
  • Smell in fish processing plants is lessened and fish oil adhesions are removed.