Garden Benefits

Effects of Heelix pool/spa system

  • Chlorine damage improvement
    1. No more chlorine gas from the water
    2. No more itchy, red-shot and painful eyes. Improved skin condition
    3. Swallowing this water will not hurt the throat
    4. Sinus and allergic reactions are decreased
    5. Hair damage and bleaching is diminished

  • Simplifies water management
    1. Dramatically improves filtration system and chemical usage
    2. Decreased Hypochlorous acid usage
    3. Decreased Potassium permanganate
    4. Flocculant (Aggregating agent) no longer necessary
    5. Prevents water temperature to drop
    6. Increased clarity
    7. No more chlorine odor as well as swimming pool odor
    8. Filtration backwash number dramatically decreased (80% less)