Bio-photons and the Double Vortex

It is well a known adage that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
However, the most energized distance between two points is a double vortex.

The energy we experience in everyday life, from the movement of atoms to living entities, to galaxies and beyond, is the result of a balance between the clockwise and counterclockwise motions of a double vortex.

The Patterns of Air

When a mass of air rotates in a counter-clockwise movement, it forms a low-pressure weather system that brings rain and sometimes turbulence in the shape of tornadoes or hurricanes, as its energy concentrates around the eye of the spiral, or vortex. A clockwise movement forms a high-pressure system, with energy concentrated around the outer edge of the spiral, bringing sunny, sometimes windy weather. Both vortices weave around each other in ever-changing patterns.

We are learning more and more about the electromagnetic sea in which we all swim, thanks to the efforts of determined scientists. The names of some of its effects may be unfamiliar to us, but the effects themselves are well known to every one of us. Two of the effects are labeled "bio-photons" and "ions."

The Patterns of Water

It is important to understand that, while all water molecules are made of two atoms of hydrogen to one atom of oxygen, the resulting molecules do not always connect to each other in identical ways. When water follows the cool, sinuous, spiraling course of a mountain stream, the molecules connect in their original, ideal pattern. The swirls and vortices of its course act as the water's "immune system," and it heals and re-energizes itself. The water's purity and vibrancy at the end of the run is much greater than it was at the beginning of its course, and it is filled with life-giving information in the form of bio-photons, microscopic bits of light.

This ideally patterned bio-photonic water is present in each of our cells when we are born, and we continue to produce as well as ingest bio-photons as we grow. By the time we reach maturity, our sixty trillion cells carry the equivalent of forty liters of bio-photonic water. As we age, stress, free radicals, and pollutants increasingly destabilize our body’s water molecules. Cell communication, nutrient delivery, detoxification, and molecular interactions all suffer with age. As we dehydrate we lose our full complement of water, and our skin begins to wrinkle.

It is interesting to note that even the blood that travels through the heart and circulates throughout the body does so with the motion of vortices.


Bio-photons are tiny emissions of light that are produced and utilized by all living things. When we eat a green plant, for example, we ingest the bio-photons created with the Sun's energy, used and stored by the plant as it grew to maturity. We, in turn, store these bio-photons in the DNA of our cells, to be utilized to orchestrate the 100,000 chemical reactions that take place in each of our sixty trillion cells every second. Bio-photons communicate with all of the cells in our bodies instantaneously, at the speed of light, in a synchronous wave of energy that creates a perfect harmony.

Bio-photonic frequencies cover the full spectrum of light, from infrared to ultraviolet. Each color and shade vibrates at a different frequency, triggering specific responses in our DNA. Each bio-photon can trigger many different responses before its energy is spent.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in the bio-photon rich environment of our ancestors, thanks to present day meddling with our food and water supply, which minimizes, disrupts, or dissipates photonic rhythms. The light is always present, but it is even more subtle, and more importantly, it is more entropic, inclined to break down and dismantle, rather than to harmonize, organize, build, and cohere.

Theodore D. Hall, PhD, has stated, "The universe is resolvable into two processes -- intelligence (information) transmission, which we generally refer to as 'energy,' and intelligence processing, or 'consciousness.' Every living organism is an intelligence processor." This means that our cells possess consciousness, as they read, interpret, and process (act upon) the information transmitted by the bio-photons.

One of the more unexpected properties of water is its ability to retain an imprint of dissolved substances, a "memory." It has been proven many times that when a homeopathic remedy is dissolved in water and then diluted to a point where not a single molecule of the remedy remains, the water is still an effective treatment. The dark side of this characteristic is that when we try to chemically remove pollutants and toxins, the memory of these harmful substances is left behind. Only the act of re-patterning the water can remove those destructive memories and restore bio-photonic abundance.

The science behind Nature's use of vortices is still not completely understood. Like electricity or gravity, we're not sure how it works, but we can prove that it works. We can photograph bio-photon energy, and we can see the results of its actions in plants, animals and people.

As Arthur C. Clarke pointed out, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."