Q:  Does the Heelix Water Activator actually filter out the toxins?

A:  No. It neutralizes toxins. It pulls toxins into the inner molecule of the water so they pass through the body without being absorbed. If there is room left in the molecule it will pull toxins out of the body as well.

Everything in the water is structured; gases go into the air, frequency memories are erased and the physical goes out your elimination system. Structured water from our units can only carry into the cells that which is good for life. All these elements ride on the outside of the water molecule in the form of memory and are instantly made available at the cellular level upon demand. Heelix water, instant hydration, at the cellular level attracts into itself that which is harmful to life such as heavy metals, disease, toxins, free radicals and all elements not part of ones original DNA or RNA.
Remember, if you have chlorine in your water and you structure it, chlorine gas is lighter than water and heavier than air. So after structuring and organizing, chlorine gas will rise to the surface of your glass of water so you may smell it and taste it. A solution would be to blow on the surface of the water or fill the container till it overflows. Depending on the amount of chlorine added to the source you may have to allow your water to set for a few minutes before consuming.

The other aspect of chlorine and any other previous contaminants within your source water prior to structuring will remain in a physical and vibration state. These contaminants remain embedded in the residue calcium and aggregates in your pipe system until they are fully dissolved by the structured water. Structured water remains so through boiling and cannot carry with it anything detrimental to life.

Q:  Could the Heelix Water Activator be used on a rain harvesting system?

A:  Absolutely! It will make rain water more perfect.

Q:  Can the Heelix Water Activator work efficiently with Reverse Osmosis Systems?

A:  Yes. Whether the unit is placed before or after the Reverse Osmosis system you will end up with structured water.

Q:  What is the shelf life of structured water after it has gone through the unit?

A:  If no other major alterations are done to the water either by a harmful water system or by putting the water near harsh electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) then the structured water will remain structured 7 to 10 days in direct sun light and in the storage of your home baring any of the forgoing conditions up to 30 to 60 days and even longer as we become more in tune with being structured ourselves. Other ways to extend this order are to place the water in cobalt blue containers this keeps the water shielded from the energies of the outside world.

Q:  Does the Heelix Water Activator restrict water flow?

A:  No. But if you size down your pipes to fit a smaller fitting unit then there would be some restriction so please be sure to order the fitting that matches your pipe size.

Q:  How do I know if my house is too large for just one whole house Heelix Water Activator?

A:  Research shows that the water will effectively remain structured up to 400 m2. If your house is larger than this, then it may be necessary to place other units throughout the house.

Q:  If the water has excess salt and other residues, where do they stay? Must we continue to clean the unit?

A:  Excesses that are in the water before structuring are still in the water after structuring. However they too are structured and their electromagnetic bonding is also structured at the molecular level. This effect will bring everything within structured waters field of influence into harmony. When structured water enters into life it can only carry with it elements beneficial to life and all the rest goes out the elimination system. No you don't need to clean the unit.

Q:  Are there any parts that need replacing?

A:  No. The Heelix Water Activator is maintenance free.

Q:  How much pressure is required for the unit to structure the water?

A:  Several people are just pouring their water through a Heelix Water Activator and receiving an enormous benefit.

Q:  So how do you test for a structure of water?

A:  There is the GDV machine which acts like an advanced aura camera that takes pictures of the energy of the water. The structured water that we are promoting with the Heelix Water Activator has the highest energy flow so far of any of the waters out there, including R/O, other filters, and other things claiming to be structured. We are sure there are other ways of measuring structure, but we, the general populace, don’t have access to them yet.

Q:  Is there presently any substantiated scientific research proving the benefits of structured water?

A:  The scientific community around the world abounds with various research, findings, articles and analysis of water structure, its enhancement, its quality and the immense value of it’s energetic effects on living things. For those of you requesting more info, more answers about the effects of structured water on plants, animals, bacteria, virus, and other microbial life forms as well as analytical observations of water’s energetic effects on molecular structures, chemical reactions, enzymes and mineral substances in “non living” components of the world around us we can only say yes, the data is immense, it is overwhelming but equally quite incomprehensible.
Despite the countless fortunes being spent in furthering scientific understanding of water and it’s energetic structure, the most effective and greatest analyzers remains the human mind and body. Our senses are tens of thousand times more sensitive than the most expensive and elaborate analyzer. Despite the great advancements in scientific research, the analysis drawn from our basic human senses are what the worlds fortunes most rely. Personal experience remains the truest test and the highest value is placed on that experience. The analysis of our world’s oldest and largest industries (i.e.) medical, food, cosmetics, wine and beer depend almost exclusively on the final word of personal experience, personal observation, person taste, personal touch. Our health and the health of world population and industry depend on our five senses, our personal analyzer and it is to this ultimate scrutiny we submit our Heelix Water Activator.

We will continue to test, to gather data, and expand our understandings and applications. We will continue gathering collaborations with the world’s top scientific minds and expand existing studies and related research to add to our own in an effort to help meet the needs of those wishing to use, promote and expand the implementation of these remarkable life enhancing, world changing devices but much of this material both (officially) published and non-published research data is and will remain highly complex and in many if not most cases make little meaningful sense to anyone outside these scientific fields of inquiry.

So here in the end as in all new beginnings it is you who must determine what is good for you. It is you we most trustfully rely. It is your experience, your insight, your personal experience and results we most implore.

We and all those using and researching these devices know their value, we see the results but it is you who most ultimately determine its value to you. The only true failure is to fail to try, to fail to inquire, explore. What is of most value for you can truly be best determined by you. We can offer our experience and findings but you are your own best resource, best advisor and best personal counsel for what is good, healthy and beneficial for you. For more information on these units you may stay tuned to our websites, blogs and newsletters but for the surest truth the best testimonial will be your own.

Q: What kind of filter system for drinking do you recommend to use with your product?

A: This is up to individual discretion. The bio photon event that occurs within the Heelix Water Activator changes everything that is in the water. Since a natural energetic balance is restored, the water is fully able to (1) take care of itself, and (2) take care of you, meaning that it will do what nature water does; deliver life sustaining oxygen throughout the body, and remove waste products. Some people may feel more secure using a filter, but it is not necessary.

Q: How long do the filters last?

A: The Heelix Water Activators use no filters, so there is nothing to replace. The devices themselves last indefinitely.

Q: Are they transformational in structuring potable well water?  Will they remove iron from well water? What about naturally occurring bacteria, does it alter water content? Are these products useful mainly on treated city or softened water?

A: The Heelix Water Activators can be applied to any water. In fact, they can be applied anywhere where fluid dynamics are involved, and optimal activity is desired. In the case of your water, they do not remove iron from the water. They carefully and deliberately orchestrate the water's movement through the device, causing a transformation by way of (1) the vortex movement, and (2) the harmonics that said movement causes within the chamber itself. It is within said chamber harmonics that a resonant frequency is established between all elements (and microorganisms) that contribute to the water's unbalanced state.  The effect of this phenomenon is to reset the imprinted "memory" in the water by causing the aforementioned elements and microorganisms (which are nullified) to lose their charge, becoming in essence, inert.

Q: We have a massive amount of iron in our water and our water is very hard.  We put in an iron filter and a water softener.  I have been learning more about water lately and am not comfortable with the water softener as I’m learning that it can be detrimental to our health and our environment. I am interested in purchasing a unit for our home to replace the water softener.  Is it possible to keep the iron filter and use your unit at the same time? We have 1 inch PEX piping. Can the unit be installed with that piping?

A: Heelix Water Activator will work in harmony with all forms of water systems or filters.  There may be some changes in the outcome but the structured water will be highly accepted by all things.  Our Heelix Water Activators are adaptable to all types of water pipes and systems.  Our units have a variety of connectors available, and full point by point instructions that facilitate installation with ease.

Q: How do I know that Heelix Water Activator has removed the chemicals in the house water that is generated from the community well supply?

A: The chemical is still there, but it is in a different structure.  This is like testing for carbon.  Diamonds and coal are both carbon.  If all you are doing is testing for carbon, you will find carbon in both. That doesn’t mean they are the same structure. With diamonds and coal, you can easily witness a difference with your eyes.  With structured water and regular water, you can’t necessarily witness a difference with your eyes, but you will witness a difference with your health and well-being.

Q: My inox-steel heater has stains of calcium on the bottom, so it reduces calcium settlement – but not to zero – right?

A: Where the structured water is moving it will clear calcium within minutes of interdiction.  Where the water is allowed to settle it will take longer to dissolve this cumulative build up.

Q: Will it clean all the tube environment from calcium/aragonite deposits in the long term? You wrote that the longest distance after the unit should not go over 100 meters, otherwise the structure of water gets lost again - does this happen suddenly or in a falling curve-like 30 meters = 95% structured, 70 meters =  80 % structured, 100 meters =  30% structured?

A: After 100 linear meters the structuring will fall off, however, if the water is open to nature you will experience an “entrainment” effect.  If within the 100 meters there is an accumulation of stuff that utilizes the majority of “life force energy” initially produced, the results will be evident and structuring will only partially be available at the end of 100 meters.  In the long run, more booster units in a long water line where the water is being utilized along the way, will serve one better than trying to do it with one large unit.  The closer structured water is to the point of use the greater the benefit.

Where the Structured Water is moving it will clear calcium within minutes of interdiction.  Where the water is allowed to settle it will take longer to dissolve this cumulative build up.

Q: I've heard there is a "entrainment/ field" effect with structured water. What's that about?

A: Structured water has an entraining effect (synchronization), or a field of energy whose influence extends through space and time. Look at this:

Space: one cubic centimeter of structured water has a field (a range of impact) of 300 meters. You can see this in action in the "Strawberry fields" You Tubes where the brighter green of the structured water area (including the 300 meters of entrained area) suddenly ends, turning into yellowed plants "beyond the pale"

Time: at the GDV lab where a structuring device was used for 2-3 hours while water samples were being collected and tested, they did not have structured water and did not at any time have the structuring device actually attached to any of their taps (faucets); yet the bathroom tap, whose water tested unstructured at the beginning of the testing procedure and was nearby the device for 3 hours, was still giving fully structured water 10 months after the lab tests were completed!

One scientist calls the structured water "miracle water" - you can see why: its qualities are natural and normal for structured water, but most of us in the West are only familiar with non-structured water, so all this can sound very far out.
There's an expression, "The proof is in the pudding." Taste structured water, drink it for a few months, use it in your garden and to clean your car; and then see how your perspective on "water" has shifted. You may discover that we really don't know much about water at all.

Q: I want to use your unit to structure distilled water that I have made, on the grounds that unlike the main domestic water supply, distilled water contains no pollutants to start with and once structured, could be expected to be even more effective at detoxification than polluted water that has been structured. I only have a very low pressure pump however, to push the distilled water through the water structuring unit and do not know if the unit will work properly in this context.

A: Structuring distilled water will change its energy from hungry water to living water, water that knows what is good for life and what is not.  Low pressure will still structure your water, just not as efficiently as under normal pressure.  If you are drinking this distilled (and then structured) water we would recommend adding nutritional minerals to your water before drinking.

Q: I would like more detail.  My biggest question/concern is that you are running water thru PVC as opposed to copper or stainless or glass.  I would appreciate more info on materials and also more details on how it works.

A: When water is in the first turn of the structuring event it is erasing all the memories of its interactive experience with humanity. When water structuring is in the bliss of freedom, it doesn’t regard, see, or feel the PVC that is promoting this new found experience of freedom. However, when structured water reaches the end of the structuring event it is armed with a full complement of attributes to fulfill its destiny.  Structured waters destiny is to protect humanity, to the fullest extent within its field of influence, from all energies detrimental to life. The first challenge it will face in its new found freedom is the brass fitting it finds upon its exit from the structuring unit. Brass is carcinogenic and structured waters immediate solution is to shield the future water upon exit from the unit from this hazard to life. The perspectives structured water has to face to fulfill its destiny are too numerous to go into at this time. Structuring water through metals such as steel or copper reduces the maximum potential of the structuring event. Structuring through glass?  People can’t even handle plastic without breakage. Our ultimate solution will be in a form of technology not yet available to surface dwellers but we know of it and we will implement it in time.

Q: I have someone whose well water is registering about a 4.5 pH.  She ordered a Kangen machine, but the highest pH it will make is about 6.8-7.  If we put a restructuring device of yours on the whole house, it would change the vibration of the water going in, but it wouldn’t show up chemically. Is that correct?

A: Yes. A Kangen machine does not have a way to discharge the materials and energies in the water so when you do a chemical test on its output, what do you get?  Structuring the water before using a Kangen machine will make it more efficient. Well water being subjected to no contact with the outer world is potentially a wonderful thing but remember we are seeking a most perfect water.  That being said; Nature’s view would be balance, balance, balance. Ground water is incomplete. It does need to have access with air to be more close to that balance. Air provides access to a property of water, air and balance not recognized by many, if any. Air provides noble gases, an essential aspect of the life giving properties of water.  This is one more of the supreme attributes of structured water. Structured water brings about this attribute instantaneously, however, even it for its absolute perfection, requires contact with air.

Q: If I test the water coming from one of your machines, how will it perform using a test for chlorine and/or fluoride as in this test kit?

A: More than likely there will be no difference before and after because you will be using conventional chemistry. Chemistry looks at the physical presence of materials; what is in the water is still in the water.  However when the water is structured these materials are organized, structured, and their electromagnetic – chemical structure is changed.  Chemistry will not see the difference. We are talking about physics. To see the change and measure this you need an Infrared Mass spectroscopy unit. Then the structure can be viewed down to the nano or molecular level.

Q: I have someone who wants to order an under the sink unit but they want to put it on after their reverse osmosis system.  After looking at my parents RO system it doesn’t look possible because of the little tubing that attaches it to the separate water spout on top of the sink.  And the pressure isn’t as high after it goes through the system.

1.  Is it possible to attach it after the reverse osmosis system?

2.  If not, what would happen to the structured water if it went through the reverse osmosis if they put it on before it?

A: Either way it works to the fullest extent of its field of influence. If placed before RO it erases memory and structures all materials making the RO more efficient. If placed after RO it erases the memory. To us RO is a deception. It removes the stuff from the water but the memory, the vibrations in the water, go forward. It’s the memory that kills you. We ask this question; when you eat an apple, what part of that apple goes into your cells? Answer; the vibrations of all that is good for life.

Q: So, with the filter on the unit will it still be able to structure the water?

A: Yes.  If you put the Heelix Water Activator on before the filter, the filter will last longer but may reduce your pH by 1 point. Either way the water’s attributes will be maximized to the fullest extent of the water’s influence.

Q: I have a house unit and am noticing more water softness which would make me assume it would also be removing lime deposits in my pipes….however, after a week, I have not seen any increase in pressure/volume in my hot water side and when I evicted 10 liters of water from my hot water heater tank I didn’t see anything in terms of lime, just clear water?? Also, I had thought the taste would reflect a loss of chlorine in it which it has not, so my questions are why or why not?

A: There are many more associates in this structured water journey now that embrace what we are about to write in response to your questions.  It isn’t easy to phrase this answer when one has not had an ample experience of the adjustment that is already permeated within you but regardless it is time to place this truth of Nature up for discussion.

There exists a lot of extenuating circumstance in water’s world – our World.  The unique advantage we have is manifesting all that we focus on. So we say to you, be aware of the thoughts you think and words you speak when in the presence of structured water and you are hydrated. What you focus on expands exponentially.

When water is in the structuring event so are all the materials and memories that are present in the water. Structure means organization. Since we can see the change and organization of calcium and feel the change on our skin and see the change in our plants and animals; why can we not believe this change in organization exists in all the other properties of the water when structuring occurs. We are all standing on the threshold of a new paradigm. It is our choice to step forward and structured water is there to aid us in our journey.

Q: What about setting bowls of structured water around in areas of the home? The “stuffy air” of apartments can be a problem, especially in winter.  I would also think, with gem elixers also in the water, some amazing help could be felt.  Setting intentions, and even Feng Shui could make that a wonderful experiment.

A: Remember it’s all about energy.  When YOU set an intention, either vocally or silently, you will potentially manifest this.  Be in the moment. The words you speak and the thoughts you think are forming your destiny.

Q: The chlorine smell and taste were in the water container even 1 day later in the fridge.  Does the unit need to be run several times before the smell and taste go away?  It wasn’t coming from the unit, I smelled it over 1 hour later in the container I put the water in and the taste was there too.  Please advise if I may have done something wrong?

A:  Influences of all the materials that were in your water before structuring are locked in the residual calcium and aggregates within your existing water system. As structured water moves through, it will eventually dissolve these aggregates and their lodged influences. 

This condition is similar to the human body; if we have gallstones or kidney stones these formations hold the memory of all the diseases in our system. We may eliminate the diseases but if we don’t simultaneously eliminate these stones within a short period, all our previous diseases reappear. In other words give it a little time. In our installation instructions we relate the possibility it may take a month or so.

Q: When someone first starts drinking or showering in the water are there any detox reactions one has to be careful of as there are with the ionizer machines made by companies like Kangen?  My son recently had surgery and I want to make sure if I install this on the kitchen sink or the bathroom shower it won’t cause any problems for him.

A: Structured water is Nature’s perfectly balanced hydration. All of its attributes work in harmony to bring about a smooth transition back to perfect health and well-being. This is in effect the mandate of structured water to enhance and protect mankind. There are systems out there that tout these same attributes, but only provide one. When this occurs, balance is lost and man loses.

Q: Your unit was installed in our home by a licensed plumber. Since then our tap water has consistently tested acidic, 6.4 or below, rather than the alkaline pH of 7.0 – 7.5 claimed in its performance specifications.

A: No the unit is not defective.  Do you have a carbon filter in line? If so, carbon reduces hydrogen approximately one point, 7.5 down to 6.5. Another carbon bonding effect is the buildup of calcium in your pipes and appliances, and until these conditions have been eliminated, the hydrogen content of your water may be compromised. Regardless of this temporary reduction in hydrogen, your newly structured water is contributing virtually hundreds of additional attributes into you and your environment. Don’t focus on what is not.  Allow what structured water is opening up in your presence.

Q: Have you tested things such as the ORP, TDS, pH, etc… for this water? Does it really take out all chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals?

A: All tests have been done and every source may be different.  The water is structured water and all within it is also structured.

The elements and conditions are not removed they are structured (molecularly changed – just as a diamond and coal are the same substance but they are different structurally).

Q: I have extremely hard well water that ruins clothes and turns the insides of washing machines orange. We have a water softener to deal with the problem. How would it work with a system like mine?

A: Structured water will make your water soft without your current softener but you can add this to your system and make the water healthier for your body.  If you place the unit before your softener it will make the softener more efficient or after it will add in healthy water.  After installation you may try your water with your softener turned off. Structured water Natures way is an active sacred geometric form. Drinking and bathing with this sacred water will potentially bring your whole being into alignment.

Q: What is the difference in the water which runs thru the shower unit compared with the under the sink unit? There is a difference in size of the units, so I am assuming the water with the kitchen unit is of a higher vibration. Do you have a sense of how much more?

A: The Under Sink unit has a 4% increase in Bio-Photon energy over the Shower; the Home unit has a 13% increase in Bio-Photon energy over the Shower unit.  The Shower unit’s water is direct contact, no loss, the Under Sink water has to deal with stuff and that stuff is energy consuming.

Q: I am interested in the home unit. Does this have the capacity to provide structured water to an outdoor swimming pool in an enclosed patio?  If so, would this make routine pool maintenance that now treats the water by adding chlorine, etc. unnecessary?

A: Structured water will reduce the need for chemicals and this will be dependent on the circulation of your pool.  Structured water substantially increases the stable oxygen and Bio-Photon content of the pool water therefore increasing aerobic bacteria. The real neat aspect of structured water in a swimming pool is it knows what is good for life and what is not. When you are in your pool you will feel very energized and only that which is good for you will enter into your cells.  The truly unique thing about this technologically advanced structured water system is it is unconditionally guaranteed.  How can you go wrong?

Q: Would it be possible for someone to relate to me the difference, if any, in how free radicals are neutralized? One last question. I have learned much about my drinking water through Kangen water system of ionized water. They measure an important factor called oxidation reduction potential (ORP) or the ability to share negative electrons to neutralize positive free radicals.

A: ORP is a very important measurement for ionized water (electrocuted water). However Heelix Water Activator is Natures balance water that is perfectly balanced with your body. It contains a substantial amount of free stable oxygen that increases necessary oxygen to all your bodily functions. pH and ORP are the two main factors with Kangen water. Structured water is Natures perfection of life giving elements that empower mankind to be free and fulfill  their own destiny  Structured water has the power to know what is good for life and what is not.

 As this water passes through your body it can only carry with it that which is good for life and as it passes through your cells it will assimilate within itself all that is detrimental to life (this includes free radicals).

Q: I have been making/using/studying various water structuring devices and methods for some years now and am strongly thinking of buying your garden unit or perhaps a whole-house one.   When I have time, I structure water for plants using a magnet-vortex connector between two  soda bottles, and it works really well!  A form of bio-dynamics I guess? Anyway, I need your advice before I decide which unit to buy: We have a whole-house Wellness water filter that conditions and structures all the water inside the house.  The water outside for the garden does not go through the Wellness filter.  Clearly, the plants would benefit from structured water, which could be accomplished with the garden unit; but would the Wellness filter undo (or perhaps enhance?) what the whole-house unit would do?

A: The whole house Heelix Water Activator will enhance all equipment and life in the waters path, plus the added enhancement of entrainment on that which is within its field of influence.  And if you can place it in your source water line before your hose outlets it will also significantly enhance the growth, production, longevity and life force energy (bio-photons) of everything in the structured water’s path.  Remember the 100 meters rule, so more units strategically placed will not only improve your lives but also your environment and draw unto you and yours benefits yet unseen.

Q: I still don’t understand what happens with the sediment and minerals in the water if nothing is removed and it’s not filtered in some way. Presumably one drinks those and they go on through the body and are expelled with the other sludge removed from the organs and tissues, etc.?

A: So what goes into your cells when you eat an apple?  It’s the music, the vibrations of the minerals and vitamins. Everything physical goes out your elimination system.  When water is structured, the memory of that which is detrimental to life, is erased and the good elements that enhance life are carried forward and made available at the cellular level. The thing to remember is ALL that passes through the Heelix Water Activator is changed at the molecular level.  In this structuring event everything is organized and coherent. When you get your Heelix Water Activator installed, you will have much more to add to this brief explanation.  One of the first things you will notice of your surroundings is calcium buildup falls away and everything is sparkling clean, as it will also be within you. However we do have free choice, but we wonder about that too, because as the memory of past traumas within are erased, so are the scars and the limp. Remember also, there are many professed sources of structured water out there, but what we are offering through Heelix Water Activator is Natures perfect, balanced and energized water without moving parts, magnets, chemicals, salts or electronic enhancements. Our simple Heelix Water Activator has a lifetime unconditional warranty. 

Q: We are purchasing another home that has a well. We will be having the water tested, but I understand that there is currently a filter and water softener installed.  Where do I install your unit? Before or after the filter and softener?  Is it possible for this unit to eventually replace these other units or do they perform a different function?

A: Placement of your Heelix Water Activator may be before all other water conditioners, it will just make them more efficient, or after these systems. Regardless, structuring will improve your health and well-being.  If you have a carbon filter after Heelix Water Activator it will potentially decrease the pH about one point, 7.5 down to 6.5. Additionally, any calcium build up in conditioners and pipes will also cause a potential decrease in pH (hydrogen). We suggest placement be such that hose bibs and all other water outlets have the benefit of structured water.  It will change your world.  Remember the 100 meters rule; structured water is only effective for 100 linear meters, after which it becomes dead under pressure (moving water).  However if the water lines have structured water in them and water flow is terminated (shut off) then we have a condition called entrainment and all the waters connected will be entrained and therefore structured (a Truth of Nature). Most people turn off their water softeners and conditioners because structured water is soft like rain water (another Truth of Nature). Know that in time everything in your home and surroundings will eventually be in tune (harmony) with Nature. I have a friend who likes to demonstrate the differences between structured water and tap water.  He has to go to his neighbors to get chlorinated city water for his demonstrations, but finds when he brings it home, it too, is structured.

Q: I will install the home unit at the point where the waterline enters my home so everything will be using structured water. This includes the landscaping and fish pond (2,000 liters) which draw their water from connections inside the house. This means that a total of about 120,000-200,000 liters of water a month will be passing through the structuring unit and all the way through my home. The house is tightly sealed/ weatherproofed for efficiency to prevent loss of heat or cooling.  If I understand correctly, the water structuring system will be converting the chlorine in the 150,000 liters of water into a chlorine gas which will dissipate through the highest point in my home’s water line. The high points in this case would be the faucets and shower heads. I am wondering if this quantity of toxic chlorine gasses and possible other vaporized contaminants, constantly released into the sealed environment of my home each day will be a health concern? If not, could you explain please. Is the chlorine gas toxic?

A: It is structured along with the water, and in our view, this places these things in a sphere of no harm, however, to scientifically prove this knowing of ours an Infrared Mass Spectrometer will be required to show definitely what is in the air and the percentage of that element. There are many more considerations here. Is it better to ingest these toxins or to release them? Back to what we know structured water will do. To the fullest extent of its ability (in its field of influence) it will protect you and yours from all things detrimental to life by pulling these toxins into itself if there are toxins after structuring.

Q: What if I live in an apartment complex?

A: For an apartment application a Shower unit will work anywhere and an Under Sink is applicable if your complex is ok with it. They are both easy to install.

Q: I talked to a friend who I told the unit about, and she said that the water from the unit does not stay structured indefinitely. Was she mistaken, or is this true? I was under the impression that once the water is structured, as long as it doesn’t travel through a long length of straight pipe, it stays structured. I have been filling up a jug from my shower unit every morning to drink during the day assuming that it stayed structured.  Would you mind clarifying this for me?

A: Structuring lasts under pressure only 100 meters of straight pipe. In direct sun light – seven to ten days.  Indoors in an environment of calm without stress and a natural surrounding –   up to 45 days plus. In a plastic container in your car (not in direct sun light) – up to thirty days. However, imagine structured water running in a straight pipe under pressure 20 kilometers long. A valve at the other end is shut off. When that valve is shut off, all the water in the pipe is instantly structured.  The term for the event is entrainment.  Structured water placed in the presence of any other water will cause it, also, to be structured by entrainment.

Q: My friend is a heart transplant recipient and I would like to give him some of the water and wonder what it would do to all the anti-rejection medication he is on. It would be wild if this water would restructure his heart DNA to have his body accept this heart and be totally off the medication. (That would have the Cleveland Clinic scratching their heads).  On the other hand, I would not want to harm him if this would mess with his medications in a negative way. Any opinion?

A: There are many clinics and medicals professionals scratching their heads, but still not willing to cross the thresh-hold to the ease of balanced health and well-being structured water initiates this starting place to become. Structured water instantly hydrates an absolute necessity for health and well-being. How could this harm? Structured water can only carry into the cellular level that which is beneficial for life. We could go on and on with this but I believe the question has been answered.

Q: I found the section where you talked about the ability of the structured water to remove harmful elements from the cells to be particularly fascinating.  It made me wonder if you have received any feedback or have done any experiments with using the water to reduce or prevent hangovers from alcohol. I am not much of a drinker myself, but it seems like this could potentially be a good indicator of the power of the water if it could negate the deleterious effects of alcohol on the body by clearing it before it has the chance to do damage.  Anyway, just a thought…

A:  Alcohol and structured water; add one ounce of alcohol to eight ounces of structured water and your body will feel the effect of nine ounces of alcohol.  It has to do with viscosity or water tension. Alcohol is approximately 28 Dynes and structured water is approximately 43 Dynes. Our cells require that number to be below 46 Dynes to cross the cell wall. Drinking structured water will flush the alcohol effect more quickly. Also if your body is highly hydrated before drinking alcohol, by structured water, it will take an inordinate amount of alcohol to become intoxicated.

Q: Does the water protect from EMF,  EM, Wi-Fi, cell phones, etc.?

A: Drinking and using structured water will aid you in becoming more resilient,
so that you and your body will not be at the effect of the adversity of those things.

Q: I feel a little confused about entrainment. Do you mean because the water coming out of the device is contained and the structure is affecting that particular water, whatever is coming out is structured and regardless of how far the pipes go down in say your county or city, one is still getting optimal hydration?

A: Entrainment is a truth of Nature. When you walk into a room with others present you entrain upon them and they on you. Structured water a perfection of Nature, entrains its energy onto all within its field of influence.

Q: I did watch the videos and saw where it would structure other water by being next to it.  If I add a cup of structured water to a bucket of well water/tap water would the cup of water structure the whole bucket at that moment?

A: These structured water systems are specifically designed to fulfill an environment of health; well-being and efficiency for all in its path to the fullest extent of this waters ability so bigger is not necessarily better, however, more units strategically placed will extend this energy form indefinitely. Regardless of what you pay for structured water, under pressure, it only structures water up to 100 meters. However, when there is structured water in a system and no water movement a new paradigm is present and that is a phenomenon called entrainment. Structured water entrains upon all the water and materials in its field of influence.