Hydrologic Cycle

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Every Heelix Water Activator is engineered to mimic the natural water cleansing and charging processes that occur within the hydrologic cycle.


Structured water might be thought of as purified mountain water. It is helpful to understand the water cycle. Fresh water begins in the ocean. As water evaporates, the water rises into the atmosphere. If it were not for dust particles in the air the water molecules would not fall back as rain. A molecule of water attaches itself to a dust particle, which in turn gathers more and more molecules until it gets heavy enough to fall to earth in the form of rain. Today, because of industrial pollutants, sulfuric acid and other contaminants, rain returns to earth as acid rain and his contaminated water enters our forests, rivers and lakes. Other chemicals are introduced, such as chlorine. Heelix Water Activator restructures the water just as a mountain stream restructures the water in a river as it flows through gravel, rocks and underground. The water that falls to earth as acid rain is cleansed naturally in the process therefore salts, heavy minerals and other contaminants are deposited in the earth. Our forests and lakes are contaminated in the process and this is the very reason beer makers and natural bottled water markets claim to use mountain spring water in selling their products.