Heelix Water Applications

Heelix systems produce water transformation technology that has profound implications for homeowners, agriculture, business, and industry. Wherever and however water is used, the use of revitalized water improves the outcome. We are returning to the use of water as Nature intended.

Life's information carrier-water, retains a memory of everything it has been exposed to and every place it has been. Those memories are released naturally through the full hydrological cycle, which begins when water

evaporates from the oceans and forests, spiraling upward to form clouds. When it returns as rain, some of the water is retained by vegetation, some swirls and vortexes down streams and rivers, most of it sinks into groundwater aquifers, where it acquires theelectromagnetic negative charge of the Earth. The heat of the Earth's interior vaporizes the water and it again begins to rise. 

The deep roots of mature trees pull up the negatively charged water together with its complement of dissolved minerals and trace elements to feed the trees. Eventually the "trees act as biocondensers, harmonizing the positive energy from the Sun with the negative energy of the Earth. As a result, the evapo-transpiration from the leaves of the trees is a balanced, creative energy." 

During this cycle the water is filtered, re-mineralized and "degaussed" (similar to a computer being rebooted), thus causing it to assume its optimal structure, free to go on another journey.
It is interesting to note that Viktor Schauberger described many years ago the conditions of climate change that we face today. He foresaw more frequent and more intense storms and droughts as a result of mankind's unwillingness to learn from Nature, rather than continually imposing on Nature's laws with choices such as deforestation.